• We Recover provides a unique solution to fit your individual needs. Our approach addresses the body, mind and spirit to accomplish a complete recovery. If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction call (844) 527-8225 or click here

Drug & Alcohol RehabDrug & Alcohol Rehab

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation: With our nationwide network of treatment facilities, We Recover is able to provide a unique solution to fit the individual needs of our addicts.

Drug & Alcohol DetoxDrug & Alcohol Detox

Drug & Alcohol Detox: For those that experience severe withdrawal symptoms, they may require a medically supervised detox program prior to entering residential treatment.

Most Insurance AcceptedMost Insurance Accepted

Most Insurance Accepted: Don't let money stop you from seeking treatment. We Recover accepts most insurance programs to help you through your recovery process.

Get Help NowGet Help Now

Get Help Now: You are not alone, we at We Recover have helped thousands of people achieve their recovery from addiction and most importantly stay sober after treatment. So can you.

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction call (844) 527-8225 and get the help you need!

If you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction We Recover would like to help you live the life of happiness you deserve. It may not seem as though it’s possible to get over addiction now, but know this…thousands of people before you have and with the right support you can too.

What sets We Recover apart from other providers of care for substance abuse is that we help people every step of the way. We don’t see “Rehab” as a stay in a residential treatment facility. We see it as a dynamic process designed to help the person suffering first stop using, then stop cravings and withdrawal symptoms so they can then focus on their road to recovery in residential treatment and afterwards.